TalkTalk trebles price and fobs off complaints
Saturday, 26 February 2011 06:56

Are you with TalkTalk? Check your latest bill and see whether or not you are now being charged more than three times the price!


WOW - if I was with BT I would be paying £1.50, I thought I was paying 45p with TalkTalk, but actually I'm paying £1.49, so TalkTalk is saving me a whole 1p but misleading me by telling me that it's 45p.

Take a look at the difference in my bills . . .

talktalk increase

So, I complained to Talk Talk on 17 February 2011 . . .

I signed up for the mobile rate reduction programme and agreed to pay 45p per month for it, but you are charging me 1.45 a month. Can you please refund the difference and make sure the correct cost is charged in future.


Talk Talk responded . . . [response Number 1]

Thank you for your email regarding the mobile rates. I understand your concerns in regards to the above matter. I would like to inform you that I am unable to access the account and provide any information to you, as you are not the named account holder. Please provide me with the password from the account and I will be able to assist you with your query.

So I sent TalkTalk some more details . . .

thanks for your response, ok, I use my middle name, my full name is xxxxx xxxx xxxxx, which should be the name of the account holder, and just to help things along the password begins xxx, I'm not sending it in full in an email, that would be like posting it on a noticeboard in Tesco, here's something that will tell you I am the account holder

(see first attachment)

and the second attachment is what I'm complaining about as you can see it says 45p a month, but the cost that is going on my bill is 1.49 GBP, and finally here (attachment 3) is a copy of my last bill, where you can see the 1.49 charge.

I hope you can provide a satisfactory explanation.

Talk Talk responded . . .[Response No 2]

Thank you for your email regarding your Mobile Extra charge. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused you. I have accessed your account and can confirm that your Mobile Extra feature was activated on 21st December 2007. Kindly note that the Mobile Extra price increased to £1.49 due to the VAT increase of 17.05% to 20%. This change has been applied to all customers' TalkTalk accounts.

I did not think that explained things any better than the first attempt, so I asked again . . .

Thank you for your response. I guess the 17.05 % is a typing error, but how does a 2.5% increase in the vat rate equate to a trebling on the price?

As you can see from the screenshot that I sent the price that I agreed to pay was 45p a month and that is the price that is showing on the screen now. The increased vat element of price would equate to an increase on around 1.5p, so it looks like a cynical attempt by TalkTalk to hike up charges and take more from customers. I am VERY unhappy. I consider that I have been ripped off and will now start looking around and comparing prices to see whether or not I should be changing my business to someone else.

I will also be posting my opinions and telling my friends, this will not bother TalkTalk in the slightest I know, but it will make me feel better.

Talk Talk again responded, by this time I am starting to loose the will to live . . . [Response No 3]

Thank you for your email regarding TalkTalk price increase. lease accept my apologies for the delay in responding. We always aim to provide a high level of customer service and will respond to emails as quickly as possible. Kindly be advised that as of the 4th January 2011, TalkTalk implemented new price changes. Please be advised that TalkTalk prices are subject to change as long as notification is given to our customers. Customers were notified by email, bills, pop-up screen when logging in My Account and on our website, regarding the price changes. You can refer to clause 9.16 on our terms and conditions regarding the change of tariffs. Here below is the link you can access for our terms and conditions:

You can click here to view the price changes that took place at TalkTalk.

OK, I clicked the link and got a dead link . . . how can one take an organisation seriously when they can't get an internet link right . . .

talk talk dead link

It really is hard to take Talk Talk computer services seriously. But let's keep at it, because the information they supplied is interesting. Customer services say that 'as of 4th January 2011 TalkTalk implemented new price changes' ok, let's take that as fact, so why have they been charging me the increased rate since October 2010?

So, let's try again . . . with another polite request for an explanation . . .

thank you for your response, I fully understand all this, what I do not understand is how talktalk management can justify a trebling of price on the real increase of 2.5% vat, as I said this amounts to around 1.5p, but the price has gone up by 144p, that looks like almost 100 times the actual increase. Will you please pass this complaint to higher management and ask them to explain the huge increase in price


Talk Talk responded . . . [Response No 4]

Thank you for your email regarding TalkTalk's vat increase. Kindly note that all your calls and charges on your bills for November and December up to the 3rd January 2011 are inclusive of vat at 17.5%. Please be advised that as of the 4th of January 2011 the vat has increased to 20%, this is due to a goverment [sic]* increase. TalkTalk is a residential telecoms provider and it is against company policy to issue VAT invoices. Should you wish to have a vat invoice to kindly contact on the number below and request a vat invoice. You can use the TalkTalk vat number GB 744032068 regarding your vat issues. In addition to the increase as a result of the change in VAT a number of customers will also receive a price increase. Please visit and view the price changes due to the vat increase. All TalkTalk customers were given a minimum of 30 days notice of these changes and all our customers were informed by bill insert and e-mail.

Let's try again . . .

I appreciate the time taken to respond, but you have not answered the question, you have simply stated the blindingly obvious as no doubt you have been trained to do. The link that you have provided is dead, see screenshot.

Please do as I asked in my previous email and pass this complaint to a higher level of management.

To which Talk Talk responded . . . [Response No 5]

Thank you for your email regarding the general increase of TalkTalk prices. Please be advised that all your calls and charges on your bills for November and December up to the 3rd January 2011 are inclusive of vat at 17.5%. Please be advised that as of the 4th of January 2011 the vat has increased to 20%, this is due to a government increase. Due to the VAT increase TalkTalk had to increased the general prices all all services.

By this time I am wondering who can keep going the longest . . .

Once again, I am unhappy with your response.

At the risk of seeming unreasonable may I refer back to your response dated 21 February 2011 in which you clearly stated . . . 'as of the 4th January 2011, TalkTalk implemented new price changes' . . . at the same time you referred to conditions of contract.

I have now had the opportunity to examine my bills for the preceding months, and note that contrary to what you said on 21 February 2011 you have in fact been charging me the higher rate since my Oct - Nov 2010 bill, on which you charged me £1.46, then again on the Nov - Dec 2010 bill, Dec 2010 - Jan 2011 bill and finally £1.49 on the Jan - Feb 2011 bill. Can you please credit my account with the overcharges for the months before the price increase that you say came into effect on 4th January 2011.

I note that you have still not referred my complaint to higher management, can you please supply me with the name and address of the senior person within your company to whom I should complain.



* sic (latin for 'thus') added to indicate that the person quoting the original text is well aware of the spelling or other mistake, but has faithfully reproduced the original as written by the author. In this case the mis-spelled word is government with an n.

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