Over 9 million pay more in car tax
Thursday, 10 July 2008 17:35

In a shock announcement the government's own figures show that over 9 million motorists will pay a lot more when the new Labour car tax changes come into effect. That includes all thoses unsuspecting drivers who bought cars since 2001.

It's quite unusual to backdate a tax in this way. It means that all those people who bought their cars in the last seven years are going to take a hit in the wallet. Something that is not generally talked about is the fact that Gordon Brown can not drive a car. This might come as a surprise to a lot of people. It means that one of life's talking points - the price of fuel - is something that Gordon doesn't have the first idea about. It's unlikely that he could tell you the price of unleaded unless he had been briefed on it by one of his minnions.

Not for Gordon the daily glances at the prices at the filling stations, no, he probably never looks as he's driven around by a chauffeur. He does not have to concern himself about how he is going to pay the increased car tax either, so any talk of knowing our pain and feeling our suffering is not going to go down well with most people.

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