Does Gordon Brown enjoy anything?
Wednesday, 09 July 2008 12:36

Is there anything that this dour Scotsman enjoys?

Is Gordon Brown's sole pleasure in life denying the rest of us the pleasures of life?

When you see photographs of Gronod these days you don't see a happy man. Tony Bliar was different, he did at least have that totally insincere smiling expresion that made you want to slap his face. Brown is sullen. Brown has the charisma of a mollusc.

When he makes a pronouncement on something he has the air of someone who knows he is right and that anyone who disagrees with him is not even worth thinking about, let alone listening to. The air of a man who does not care about anyone or anything except his own view.

In a way it's refreshing, it marks a return to interesting politics where people might start to take notice of what is going on in their country.

Let's hope it does so that we can get rid of this controlling government as soon as possible.



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