Tuesday, 03 June 2008 10:30

Obsession leads to knee-jerk reaction

Young Gordon, that well-know Scots schoolboy at St NuLabs in Drowning St is in trouble again, this time because of his freaky obsession with having his own way.

As his classmates say, 'Once Gordon gets something into his head, there's no changing his mind. Talk about a bee in his bonnet, this guy has a hive full and he doesn't care whether he or anyone else gets stung'.

Gordon's latest craze is plastic bags, he used to collect them and hoard them in the dorm. That was until Mr Green caught him using a Tesco carrier bag in an 'inappropriate manner' after lights-out. Other boys wonder what happened to Gordon in Mr Green's room because ever since Gordon developed such an aversion to plastic carrier bags, not just Tesco bags, that they think something odd happened.

Gordon now hates plastic bags, but only the free ones that stores provide to shoppers. Older boys have tried to tell Gordon that plastic is used in huge amounts every day and that bags really are useful, but Gordon can't be persuaded that plastic bags are not the work of the devil, and that it's his job to rid society of them.

plastic bottles weight several times more than a carrier bag5th formers did a project where they weighed plastic packaging like yoghurt pots and drink bottles but poor Gordon is adamant that Tesco bags are the source of all evil. The boys also said their parents were more interested in motoring costs and something called taxes but Gordon said they all had money and could afford those things anyway.

Teachers and his parents keep telling Gordon to concentrate on his schoolwork and the important things and not waste his time on things that don't matter but Gordon says 'They don't know what's important, I'm right and I know I'm right and look out anyone who thinks they know better!'




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