42 days detention for Gordon
Tuesday, 03 June 2008 08:02

Scottish schoolboy Gordon Brown has been given 42 detentions for not listening in class

Gordon used to be an average pupil at St NuLabs comprehensive in Drowning St but his recent behaviour is causing his parents and teachers much concern. Gordon's obsessive behaviour and temper tantrums are a worry.

'Gordon used to be such a nice boy' says his mum, 'but now he demands his own way over everything' she continued 'and when he doesn't get it, he's so nasty and spiteful, especially to the boys who sit next to him'.

The big trouble started with a row over pocket money, Gordon had wanted his own way and got it, but then his brothers realised that they were getting less because he was getting more. It was only when Gordon told his lackey Alastair to sort things out that the situation was resolved. Sadly neither Gordon nor Alastair knew just how it had been done and what it had cost.

When the Headmaster General Public found out he was furious and gave Gordon detention every Saturday morning until Christmas, a total of 42 detentions.

Gordon complained that he was not guilty and had not even been charged with anything - but it made no difference.

Gordon was heard to mutter something under his breath that made the school secretary blush and turn away.

The Headmaster told Gordon that he might get his own way now, but he should remember that some things are not worth having and you don't find that out until you get them. He should put his efforts into the important things like passing his exams and remember that what the other boys think of him is important because they can make life unpleasant in so many little ways.

When talking to Gordon's mum the Headmaster said that the Chairman of the Governors, Mr Voter, was adamant that he wanted to expel Gordon and was just waiting for the right moment.



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