Who Watches the Watchers?
Monday, 07 July 2008 09:04

In a bizarre twist that shows the total lack of trust that now exists in the UK it is likely that volunteers in many organisations will have to work in pairs so that they can vouch for each other in the event of a complaint.

With the introduction of the Independent Safeguarding Authority ISA more than a quarter of the UK population will have to register details of themselves and background at a highly inflated cost and then be subjected to checks and tests before they can be employed or volunteer to help others.

There is so little trust and the government and certain organisations has whipped up such a lack of trust in everyone that volunteers are expected to have to work in pairs so that if there are complaints then they can vouch for each other.

How long will it be before there is a CCTV camera in every room or every house so that the government and their snoopers can watch everyone at every moment of the day?

If there is one legacy of New Labour then it is the total breakdown of trust between the government and people. This has been encouraged by everyone in authority and has brought surveillance to every bus, train, street and public place. It's time this was reversed - crime, and in particular violent crime is unaffected by these measures so it's unclear why they are in place.

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