UK airport capacity
Wednesday, 29 August 2012 10:30

Heathrow - the last place to consider expansion

Here in the UK we have a serious problem in our current coalition government as far as transport policy goes - lack of vision.

Ask anyone who has travelled through Heathrow airport whether they enjoyed the experience and listen carefully to what they say. You will be left in no doubt about whether or not any expansion of Heathrow should ever be considered, quite apart from the fact that Heathrow is foreign-owned, which means that profits go to enrich Spain, although that country does need the help!

Transport policy funnels air passengers through Heathrow. My home in in the North West of the UK, I can not fly to western Canada directly from anywhere but Heathrow, which means spending 6 hours catching the train to Manchester airport, waiting around, flying to Heathrow etc etc only to fly directly over my own house. A complete waste of 6 hours of my time and everyone else unless they happen to live near Heathrow. Heathrow has no mainline railway connection which is a pathetic situation continually overlooked by everyone.

Neither is Manchester a suitable airport to expand because it is built on a tiny piece of land with no room for expansion.

We need vision. Give us an international hub in the north, with a new motorway spur, a new mainline railway line linked to the main trunk routes located within easy reach of the population. You'll know it's right when you hear the howls of protest from Heathrow's owners and the owners of every other airport in concert, then stop pussy-footing around and get on with building it!

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