Jeremy Hunt says the unthinkable and he's right
Friday, 08 October 2010 06:53

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt tells parents they should not have children if they can't pay for their offspring, what a welcome breath of fresh air in politics. This is the message David Cameron should be giving off too.

Why should the state pay for more population to be created?

Family Allowance was created after the war to encourage women out of the workplace because they had taken up the jobs of men who were fighting, and to encourage the production of children to replace those killed in the war. 60 years later and we're still forking out money for everyone's kids, it's madness!

We need LESS children, LESS population - that means more for those that are around instead of a life of sub-standard living because there are not enough houses and jobs to go around.

On top of that realise that all those who come here from other EU countries draw benefits for their children back home and you can see why the UK is a magnet.

LESS children is the future but no politician is willing to say it.

The easy way to cut child benefits without hurting any child is to scrap child benefit completely for any child born after 39 weeks from the announcement, that would mean that children who were 'on the way' now would still be supported but all the new ones would be the responsibility of their parents. Common sense, which means it's unlikely to happen.

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