Budget is a promising start, nothing more
Wednesday, 23 June 2010 08:18

There are 13 years of Labour's squandering of public money to be reversed, so the first coalition budget can only be regarded as a promising start.

There is no reason whatsoever that ALL government departments should not feel the pain, health, defence and education are big spenders, so by allowing them to continue to wheelbarrow money into their own bottomless pits the cuts in other departments have to be deeper.

We need a fundamental review of all government spending. We did hear that yesterday when someone on the Today programme on Radio 4 said that it was no use simply cutting, we needed a long hard look at what government does and why it does it.

Take one glaring example, child benefits. Why should the state pay for everyone's children?

Some reasons why the state should pay . . .

  • Having children is expensive
  • Children are the future of our country
  • No-one would have children if the government didn't pay
  • Most children are unwanted accidents so the government has a duty to help people make the best of it
  • We need more people in our island

Some reasons why the state should not pay for children

  • Having children is a lifestyle choice, you make the choice then pay accordingly
  • With modern contraception (which is free) there is no such thing as an unwanted pregnancy
  • The UK is a crowded island, it does not need more people
  • Less people is better in the long term, it means there will be less demand for housing, education and every other service. There will be more jobs and much less unemployment. People will be gainfully employed so there will be less crime.
  • Why should anyone pay for the children of others - it's simply unfair
Dealing out benefits, tax credits and all the other benefits for children is a monsterous imposition on the rest of us. When people decide to produce children then they should be taking on the responsibilities, and that means paying. There would of course be howls of protest, but the government should invest in ear plugs and announce that there will be no child benefits of any kind for children born after 40 weeks from today. Unpopular it might be, but it would be a start on the road to sanity. Unfortunately, it's about as likely as taxes coming down.

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