Advice for the UK Chancellor
Thursday, 17 June 2010 12:44

Everyone is getting in on the act and telling George Osbourne what he should be doing, so here are our suggestions for saving money . . .

  • Cut public sector pay by 5 to 7% immediately
  • Cut ALL benefits and allowances by 5 to 7% immediately
  • With immediate effect change all new public sector staff onto money purchase pensions instead of final salary schemes
  • Get our troops out of Afghanistan immediately, and all other foreign deployments within 6 months
  • Stop ALL elective NHS procedures - 'gender re-alignment', fertility treatment and other similar things
  • Cut NHS funding by 3% for each of the next 5 years
  • Immediately stop child benefit for the first child
  • Scrap child benefit entirely in 10 months time
  • Cancel biometric passports
  • Stop ALL foreign aid immediately
  • Add a special tax to all CCTV cameras to be paid annually, initially £100

Common sense measures to save billions and share the pain around everyone, not just those who pay tax. So now we need a sweetener or two to make people feel better, so why not get rid of some of Gordon Brown's taxes on pleasures, so here's our list of taxes to cut . . .

  • Airport departure taxes - scrap these entirely for UK citizens, but keep them for foreigners
  • Cut the fuel duty on diesel fuel because diesel cars are much more efficient than petrol cars
  • Reduce the TV licence fee and cut BBC income, telling the BBC to concentrate more on public service broadcasting
Then add in a few measures to make sure our population does not expand un-necessarily . . .
  • Stop ALL immigration
  • Deport ALL failed asylum seekers immediately
  • Put all asylum seekers on the first transport back to where they came from if it was any 'safe' country

and something really controversial that would cut crime and bring in millions . . .

  • Legalise cannabis and many other so-called 'recreational drugs', that allows the government to control their use, tax them just like tobacco or alcohol and more importantly, it stops the criminal world dead in its tracks, just look at how the US changed after the prohibition era

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