Gordon Brown is an idiot talking about cash for Zimbabwe
Sunday, 29 June 2008 18:16

The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown has taken leave of his senses when he says there is a group of countries who would

"be prepared to contribute substantially financially"

I don't want one penny of my tax to be spent propping up failed African states whatever the cause. These people will just take the money and spit in our faces. If you need proof look what the other African 'leaders' are saying and doing. They are not even prepared to speak out, let alone put any money in.

More money for Africa is money down the pan, we might as well throw it in the toilet and pull the chain. There are elderly people needing care in this country and many more better uses for our money.

This is just one more example of "Chard's Law" that states, 'The more important the decision, the less justification that is needed'.

Brown has not asked anyone before making wild, rash promises, he should put it to us, the people whose pensions he robbed before wasting more money.


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