Incapability Brown
Sunday, 29 June 2008 10:56

Lancelot Brown was more commonly know as Capability Brown and is widely respected and remembered for his pioneering work as a great English landscape architect of the 18th century. He designed more than 170 English gardens and parks, many of which are still famous and visited today.

Gordon Brown will be remembered as Incapability Brown for his incompetent attempts at social engineering in Britain, his overtaxing of the population and his arrogant and patronising manner; and his is oversight of a government that has chipped away at the freedom of the British people such as . . .

  • compulsory identity cards
  • detention without charge or trial
  • the so-called Independent Safeguarding Authority ISA that will force one quarter of the adult population to register intrusive personal information
  • One CCTV camera for every 14 people (and more each day)
  • Database of all phone, text and emails
  • Local authority snooping
  • Stealth taxation of a grand scale

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