Righteous indignation from Milliband
Friday, 19 February 2010 09:38

Righteous indignation is flavour of the month at the moment with Milliband and Brown both shouting about the use of British passports and identity theft.

What they are not telling us is that any secret service worth its salt will be able to clone passports of any state and use them. Does Milliband think we came up with the tide? Secret services have government resources at their disposal, which means they have access to anything that the government has access to, and that includes passports, money, banking. You name it, secret services will use it and not give a jot about legality, common decency, good manners or upsetting anyone.

The only thing that matters is being found out.

If they are found out, then ministers will make all the right noises about this being unauthorised, lessons will be learned, no-one is above the law blah, blah.

We all listen and let it go, we have lives to live and things that are more important. Is it really important?

We all know politicians lie to us but we accept it so who is to blame?

. . . and Milliband still bangs on about it . . .

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