Labour's arrogance is breathtaking
Monday, 15 February 2010 15:43

Breathtaking arrogance that is the only way to describe the way in which the labour government hid their true reasons for encouraging immigration into the UK. In recent days it has become obvious that the real reason for mass immigration into our already overcrowded island was to change the face of society.

Labour wanted to change our island by allowing in all and sundry, black, asian and other people of any non-British origin simply to change the UK population and make it into a multi-ethnic society.

Never mind what the electors thought. This was social engineering on a grand scale.

Without asking the people of the country labour politicians set about letting in almost anyone who wanted to come to the UK. The result has been an unprecedented influx of over 3 million foreigners, to the point where there is tremendous pressure on housing, schools and of course the health service.

Before this grand experiment of opening the floodgates of immigration Labour should have told the people of the UK and asked, but no, we have to remember that Labour is the party of control. Labour, and in particular Tony Bliar and Gronod Clown know best, in their nanny state the people are some kind of underclass that is there simply to pay taxes and cheer the leaders of the great social experiment.

The UK now has too many people, immigrants breed and produce more children than the original native population of these shores. That fact is shown be recent statistics from official government sources. This is the direct result of labour's policies. In other words the immigrants are producing more children and so diluting the native population even more. If nothing is done to prevent further immigration the Anglo-Saxon British will be in the minority.

Why immigration is bad

Immigration is bad for many, many reasons.

Immigration is resented by the original native population. Why should foreigners come and take jobs, houses etc in our country? In most cases it's very difficult for British people to go and take the jobs or houses in the countries where immigrants come from, and in most cases we would not want to go there anyway.

Immigration is bad because immigrants group together in certain places and don't integrate into British society.

Immigration is bad because immigrants bring alien customs and forms of dress that set them apart from the UK population.

Immigration is bad when immigrants can not speak English and don't want to learn English.

Immigration is like introducing an alien species into a country. There are many examples in countries around the world, take for example

Australia an example we should study carefully

In the last two hundred years hundreds of animal and plant species have been introduced to Australia with disastrous consequences. Many of these introduced species are so successful because they out-breed the native population - is this sounding familiar? The Australian government reckons the cost in billions of dollars a year.

Famous Australian introduction disasters which were done for the best of reasons at the time include the cane toad, rabbits and mice. The cane toad was introduced so that it would eat the cane beetle, however, the cane toad did not do what was expected, instead it spread rapidly and ate lots of other things which resulted in the rapid decline of native species and reptiles.

Just 24 rabbits were introduced into Australia to provide hunting, yet they 'bred like rabbits' to the point where there were millions of them destroying crops and rendering thousands of farmers destitute.

It's not a long stretch of the imagination to see that letting millions of immigrants into the UK could have the same effect. New laws have been introduced that in-effect protect immigrants from the local population and anyone who dares to question whether or not immigration is a good thing is vilified and branded a racist.

The real racists are the ones who seek to destroy the British culture by immigration.

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