Darling tries to have it all ways
Thursday, 10 December 2009 10:50

Darling has fudged the issue once again with his budget. Tough action is needed but it's clear that labour is not capable of doing what is necessary. A quick look over the water to Ireland is instructive, faced with similar problems Darling's Irish counterpart showed how it should be done.

Cuts in dole, cuts in child benefit, up to 20% off public sector pay and new terms and conditions for public sector workers that mean a totally different pension plan for new entrants.

Darling and Labour are just not capable of doing what is needed. They have put off the reckoning until after the election knowing that they are unlikely to have to sort out the mess, then they will be able to shout and moan about tory cuts. The truth is that after 12 years of labour rule the country is ruined, they have squandered taxes on their pet projects. Benefits are too generous and encourage people not to work and produce lots of children.

We need a different set of values in place, values that encourage family life and penalise single-parent families that have choosen single-parentness as a career choice. Less unemployment benefits and a massive reduction in public sector pay and employment. Combine that with a total block on any immigration and we might start to see some improvement.

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