Gordon Brown waffled on 'Today'
Friday, 13 November 2009 09:40

The ten past eight interview slot on Radio 4's Today is the prime place to be interviewed. Gordon Brown got very deferential treatment, far more so than he deserved. Perhaps he had warned the BBC that he was not having any messing from them again.

So what did he have to say - was it memorable?

There was no substance in what he said, just vague wishes and aspirations, a dogged determination to do nothing but see how things turned out and maybe, perhaps, when the conditions are right. Nothing memorable, nothing you could agree with or disagree with.

Basically it was a non-event. Nothing has changed, British troops are still in Afghanistan, they are fighting and dieing for a corrupt regime, not a lot can be done about it so we'll just let a few more die and waste another billion pounds of taxpayers' money.

At least we were spared the lies about Taliban and Al Quieda terrorists around every corner in the UK if we pull out. The truth of the situation is that the Afghans themselves are corrupt, they don't have a national identity or government and neither do they have either the wish or the governmental structures to levy and collect taxes. That means the central government is powerless, they can't pay the police or army. There are only two sources of money in Afghanistan, poppies and international aid.

The poppy trade will contine and be fuelled by organised criminals in the developed nations as long as governments contine with their ridiculous efforts to make drugs illegal. They only have to look at the prohibition era in the US to see what happened. Why can't they see it?

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