Gordon promises a security review after five killed in Afghanistan
Wednesday, 04 November 2009 18:34

Today we have the news that five British soldiers were killed by an Afghan 'policeman' that they were training. Plus another five 'seriously wounded'. That's ten in total.

What happened? Listening to the reports some interesting conclusions can be drawn.

This so-called policeman managed to shoot ten British soldiers, then walk away from the scene. The PM paid tribute to their professionalism, what professionalism? This guy managed to shoot ten, not one or two, TEN! Then he managed to walk away unhurt.

One has to question the professionalism of a group of soldiers that can let ten on their number be shot, then let him walk away. What was wrong with their guns? Why didn't they open fire and kill this guy?

This is just one more example of total incompetence, we need to get out NOW!

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