Fire sale of assets
Monday, 12 October 2009 07:35

Gordon will today set out his strategy for selling off the 'family silver' to finance continued government handouts.

We have all played Monopoly and got into the situation where we can't pay someone so we have to mortgage and sell our properties at knockdown prices. We know that once you land on an expensive propertly you are lost.

Labour has got Britain into that state now. The country is in huge debt, 175 billion pounds of new money has been printed and now the man who got us into this says we should sell off the remaining government assets at knockdown prices.

Let's look back - who remembers that Gordon received 22 billion pounds from the sale of 3rd generation mobile phone frequencies etc. What happened to that money? It was frittered away and wasted!

Gordon sold the UK gold reserves at less than a quarter of their value today - what happened to that money.

The man is a disaster. His government knows only how to spend, make even more rules and regualations for the the rest of us and how to watch the population with an army of faceless misfits behind CCTV cameras.

We should be on the streets demanding an election now.

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