Road pricing and greenery - beware the iron hand
Monday, 12 October 2009 07:25

A new report says the UK needs road pricing and rigid enforcement of motorway speed limits and a whole lot more. Beware!

Under Labour the UK has become the most watched nation on earth, our every move watched by an army of faceless snoopers with enormous power over our daily lives. Who has not met someone accused of a trivial offence like crossing into a bus lane or putting out their wheelie bin on the wrong day?

Road pricing would mean a spy in every vehicle. A global poistioning device in your car, van or truck would continuously send details of your exact position to a central government computer. There your exact speed, direction and all the details of your journey would be recorded.

So when the government talks of rigid enforcement of speed limits what they actually mean is that they would send automatic speeding fines. In technical terms this is a trivial task. As soon as your speed goes above the limit the computer will churn out the paperwork and it will be on your doormat as fast as the post office can get it there.

When there are crimes reported you will have to explain what you were doing in the area because the records show your vehicle was there. When you are off work sick you will be questioned about your whereabouts if your car was not at home.

That's what Gordon and his cronies are talking about, and there is precious little anyone will be able to do about it if they get re-elected. If that's the UK you want to live in go ahead and vote for them!

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