What special relationship
Thursday, 03 September 2009 09:26

The US seems to be over reacting to the compassionate release of the 'Lockerbie Bomber'. Let's not forget that the US is the country that has written into its constitution a ban on strange or unusual punishments. Fact is the US has people who like strange and unusual punishments even today.

The US likes to meddle in the affairs of other countries - Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam the list goes on.

It's time for the UK to give two fingers to the US and tell them firmly but politely that their comments and interference are not needed. Scotland and the UK have done nothing wrong and need no telling off or lecturing by transatlantics.

Unfortunately our government and government in waiting don't have the balls for it, we need to stand up to the US.

First off we should tell UK citizens not to visit the US or buy their products. The US understands only one thing - money. Don't give it to them!

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