More Laws, More Red Tape, More Government, the Labour Solution to Everything
Thursday, 26 June 2008 12:19

Not a day goes by without a 'Downing Street Anouncement' that there will be new laws.

The Labour solution to everything is more laws, more rules and regulation, more red tape. That means more costs, more taxes and more gravy train for the lawyers and legal profession. Should we be surprised? Not really, you may recall that both Tony Blair and his wife are members of the legal profession so one might expect a certain reliance on rules and regualtions.

Gordon Brown introduced more and more complexity into our tax system with rules and regulations for everything in an attempt to head off any method that people might legitimately use to reduce their tax. What Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling don't seem to understand is that when people feel they are being taxed unfairly they will put a lot of thought and energy into avoiding tax. If taxes are though fair that energy would go into wealth creation - of course that's a dirty thing to Labour.

What the UK needs is less government,  less taxes and less handouts. People need to take responsibility for their own lives and not expect the government to give them a handout. It's not government money, it's your money and my money that Nu Labour is handing out.

A first step would be to scrap tax credits, child benefits, incapacity benefit and all the paid maternity and paternity benefits. The money saved could reduce income tax and VAT substantially.

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