Who's kidding who? - Malloch-Brown's 'retraction' seems to have gone un-noticed
Wednesday, 22 July 2009 17:16

In the morning edition of the Telegraph Foreign Office Minister Lord Malloch-Brown said . . .

“We definitely don’t have enough helicopters. When you have these modern operations and insurgent strikes what you need, above all else, is mobility.”

pretty unequivocal and unlikely to be misunderstood. Statements don't really get more honest and straightforward than that.

But wait a minute, Gordon Brown said something different, he said all was well and there were enough choppers, so what's going on?

What we now need to be asking is what happened between Malloch-Brown talking to the Telegraph's reporter and his 'clarification' when he changed his mind and issued a pathetic climbdown in the form of an embarrassing clarification in which he said that there were "without doubt" sufficient resources in place in Afghanistan.

What hold does the prime minister have over Malloch-Brown - what pressure could be applied to a minister who is leaving government at the end of the week? The threat of sacking couldn't be used, so what leverage was applied?

All manner of things come to mind but having read whispers about the PM's tantrums we can only wonder who did the dirty work and what they used to 'persuade' Malloch-Brown to 'do the sensible thing'.

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