Helicopters are a symptom
Wednesday, 22 July 2009 07:19

As a senior government minister finally admits the bleeding obvious, that there are not enough helicopters for our army in Afghanistan, we should realise that this is a symptom of something much larger are much worse.

We are so inured to lies and spin from politicains that we almost ignore it. It's like a playground game. Defense costs money, real money, but for every pound spent on defense more than 20 is spent on social welfare. This government has penny-pinced on defense for 13 years. Starved our forces of equipment but expected them to do more with less.

At the same time they have poured money into the pockets of every Tom, Dick and Harry that asked for it and created a dependency culture, whilst allowing immigrants to flood in to the point that no-one knows how many people are in the UK.

Helicopters are the tip of the iceberg, the bit that is exposed to public view. Another example is the A400 transport aircraft, a bottomless pit for taxpayers money, which is years behind schedule, has already cost 20 billion euros and Britain is committed to buying 25 at a cost of 100 million euros apiece. Yet Gordon Brown skimped on a few helicopters and trumpeted it as a major cost saving.

We don't know the half of it, the waste, incompetence and arrogance in Downing St is an affront to the British people.

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