A Green Party vote can backfire so easily
Monday, 20 July 2009 07:05

Tactical voting if often talked about, especially in the wake of the MP's expenses scandal where minority parties can pick up a sizeable chunk of votes. However people should think very carefully before voting for Greens because Greens have some very nasty policies when they are applied.

If you need an example look across the Irish Sea.

The Irish prime minister (Taoiseach) Brian Cowen is heading up a government based on a coalition that includes the Greens. Mr Cowen is in trouble, Ireland's economy is in freefall, Mr Cowen has to take action to stem the borrowing, currently running at £360 million a week.

Taxes have already risen substantially, with middle earners bearing the brunt with eyewatering rises in income taxes (around 9%). Massive cuts in public services are unavoidable.

Step forward the Greens. This minority party has ideas of its own and is determined to extract its pound of flesh for remaining in the government. The particular meat they are after in this case is a whole raft of environmental taxes - put simply a massive rise in the cost of petrol and diesel, home heating oil, electricity and gas.

The message is clear, think VERY carefully before you vote for a bunch of tree huggers - when they have even a modicum of power you will feel the effect in your pay cheque and you will not like it.

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