UK future can be seen today in Ireland
Sunday, 19 July 2009 06:17

Gordon Brown clings to power promising a bright future while warning of 'Tory cuts' as opposed to Labour 'Investment'.

The truth is as plain as the nose on his face, Britain has been living beyond its means and punching above its weight for years. We all know someone whose credit card or cards are at their limit who keeps opening new card accounts and transferring the balances over. We all know you can't live like that because the debt keeps rising. So why does Brown the clown think he can run the country like that?

There is only one way out of the problem, massive cuts in spending. Which party you prefer to make those cuts is academic, cuts have to be made.

If we need to see the scale of cuts then look no further than across the sea to Ireland where the aptly named An Bord Snip Nua's report was published last week. Ireland has already hiked taxes with income levies - typically 2% of gross pay and slapped 6.75% pension contributions on the public sector. Things are bad - Ireland is borrowing £360 million more every week.

Here is a taste of the medicine the report recommeds . . .

  • A further 17,000 state jobs must go.
  • Education must be cut 8% and 6,900 teachers must go.
  • Social welfare payments must be cut 5%, child benefit by 20%.
  • The Garda (police) have seen a 7pc pay cut, now the face buying their own uniforms.

Nobody is spared, and that is right. So far in Ireland middle earners have seen their take-home pay fall by around 15% meaning that deductions have risen to the magic 50% of gross pay.

Spin will not save the UK. Brown's silence means only one thing - he knows what's needed but cannot face the British people. He and Labour are not the party to trust with our future.

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