Gut reactions are seldom wrong
Saturday, 18 July 2009 08:36

On a recent train journey I noticed a young woman; it was one of those occasions where your eye is drawn to someone and you don't know why, all you know is that there is something that doesn't appear quite straightforward, natural or simply odd.

She walked up and down and eventaully found a seat. Not long after that the guard came checking tickets. She produced a ticket and the guard said in a loud voice 'That's only a single and it was for yesterday - that's what it says on the ticket'.

The reply was inaudible, but she paid up apparently without embarrasment or question.

Some would call it gut reaction, human intuition, a sixth sense. We all have it and we all know when there is something not quite right. It's no surprise that we apply this special ability to politicains and leaders. We all know that there is something strange, odd or un-natural about Clown Brown the prime minister.

Alan Johnson, currently Home Secretary, a man with a vested interest in supporting the prime minister if ever there was one, told the Telegraph that Brown was 'the best man for the job'. Heaven help us if Brown really were the best man for the job. That doesn't say much for the rest, or the women. Former Defence Secretary John Hutton told the BBC's Straight Talk programme that Mr Brown had "many, many talents" and it was a "tragedy" voters did not see them.

The voters no longer see anything good in Brown - they are using that sixth sense, gut reaction or whatever you want to call it doesn't matter; people are getting the message loud and clear.

Brown is dead in the water and will take the whole Labour movement into the wilderness. Unfortunately we will all be paying the price for 50 years.

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