Alan Johnson needs to go
Wednesday, 15 July 2009 07:40

Old Labour thinking has not gone, it's still there for all to see asĀ  Alan Johnson, Home Secretary, refuses to cap immigration and says he doesn't lie awake thinking about the population reaching 70 million.

Dear Alan Johnson, you may not lie awake thinking such thoughts, but that's because you live in the rarified atmosphere of Westminster. The last time you came into contact with real people was on the campaign trail and even then you would have been fully protected by undercover police and security men.

Your life is a breeze, you don't know the real concerns of the British public. You don't see the immigrants taking the jobs and houses that should be going to the British people. All you see, like a medieval monarch, is the view of the world that is presented to you by officials who are only going to tell you what you want to hear.

In brief you don't have any clothes on.

Britain is already too overcrowded, we don't need a cap on immigration, you are right on that, what we need is an absolute END to immigration.

The idea that immigrants make a positive contribution is just a smokescreen put about by the liberal elite - the British people don't believe it.

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