Nick Clegg dares to say what many of us think
Wednesday, 08 July 2009 20:53

Nick Clegg has become the first politician to say what many of us think, 'Lives are being thrown away in Afghanistan'.

It is shocking to hear of young men who are only 18 being killed. This week it has been on a daily basis. This is Tony Blair's legacy. Not only are we paying in the blood of our young men - each of whom has a grieving set of parents, but we're also paying from our wallets.

This is a total waste of tax pounds and young lives.

The sooner that David Cameron wakes up and says the same thing the sooner we will save a crowd of young men. Let's not forget that these are fit, able men who have choosen the armed forces as a career. They are not the unemployed layabouts and useless mouths that are staying at home.

Despite what Bob Ainsworth, Defence Secretary, say, Afghanisan IS another Vietnam. There is no way that the war is going to be won, our politicians need to get their heads around that and get their act together.

Well said Clegg! Hear! Hear!

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