Political pigmies indeed
Tuesday, 30 June 2009 06:30

It was Geoff Randall of the Daily Telegraph who branded Gordon Brown and his cronies 'political pigmies' - how right he was.

Bill Rammell, Member of Parliament for Harlow, Minister of State for the Armed Forces, was interviewed on the 'Today' programme on Radio 4 earlier this morning. What a startlingly bad performance that was.

Mr Rammell's stress and unease was obvious as his speed of delivery steadily increased and his errs and errs increased in frequency, so did his use of the giveaway 'look!'.

When asked questions, Billie started 'Err - Look!' especially in answer to a direct question that should have a straight response. We're used to 'non responses' from this government, pure spin and evasion is their hallmark. Bill Rammell has been in the job for 3 weeks since the last reshuffle, let's hope that he's going to do a good job; performance so far gets a 'let's wait and see', with a mark out of ten being 5 for delivery.

Ten out of ten for supporting the government line, but what would you expect?

It seems that in one year the cost of two warships has risen from 3.9 billion pounds to 5 billion pounds, 25%. Bill Rammell waffled on delaying would put up the cost and had been done to stay within constraints blah blah. Same with the Trident replacement.

A powerful group of former defence staff, including Robertson, says we can't afford much of the equipment the government wants to buy, and what's more it's not fit for purpose. Why doesn't Billie and his mates in Downing St listen; the answer is that they are ready and willing to throw any amount of our money at their pet projects now, safe in the knowledge that they are unlikely to have to delivery them. But what they will be able to do is slag off the next government when Labour's silly schemes are axed.

Gordon Brown is wasting our money and future, getting us into more debt that will take years to pay off. He twists the truth - George Orwell had a word for it, blackwhite.

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