Government Loss of Data 'Entirely Avoidable'
Wednesday, 25 June 2008 15:39

So how much has it cost for the Poyner report to state the blindingly obvious?

Those of us with two or more brain cells knew it was avoidable so why is Gordon Brown still prime minister and Darling Alistair his Chancellor? Neither are showing the slightest competence or fitness for office.

Could it have anything to do with baby sitting arrangements?

Recent reports say that Darling Alistair babysits for Gordon Brown and Gordon Brown reciprocates and babysits for Darling Alistair. In many ways it's harder to get a good babysitter than a Chancellor of the Exchequer, so I guess Darling Alistair will be in a job for a while.

One could speculate on what they leave each other for supper - pate de fois gras or blackpudding? Or perhaps it's a covert way for Gordon to pass messages to his chancellor - 'I think it would be a good idea to jack up car taxes -  those whingeing whining motorists can pay more - they don't have much choice so hit them hard like I did'

Alistair might respond . . . 'OK boss - you got it! Shall I dress it up as another part of our green agenda?'

You can imagine the guffaws up and down Downing Street

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