Words dictate how we think
Sunday, 28 June 2009 11:38

Freedom fighters or terrorists

harmless pranksters or heartless vandals

road traffic accidents or collisions

Words really do dictate how we think about things and nowhere is this more true than the spin put on stories by the UK's labour government.

Let's face facts, government spending is just that, spending. You can call it 'investment' but it's no more an investment than buying a car. An investment is something that you can cash in and get back what you put in, and you expect to get back more. Buying a car is NEVER an investment, it's a bottomless pit for money.

So it is with government spending. There is no return on doling out money to single mothers, the unemployed or workshy. A handout is a handout and will never be repaid either in cash or in kind.

12 years of labour government has brought us . . .

big government - huge government, all to be paid for by our taxes

mass surveillance of the population

laws that govern every aspect of our lives, including the words we can use and the thoughts we can think

social unrest - now surfacing in Northern Ireland, but seething and ready to burst in many towns and cities

Nu Labour or Old Labour it's still totalitarian control of every aspect of our lives with big brother watching everything you do and ready to stop and search you without reason.

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