Power to the people
Wednesday, 20 May 2009 05:42

It's clear that the people of the UK are thoroughly fed up with the way that we are governed after the scandal of MPs' expenses.

Gordon Brown talks about the Commons being a "gentleman's club" - and that needs to change; it was indeed such an institution and MPs were 'gentlemen (and women)' in the true sense. However that was when people were truly committed to public service and often did it without expenses. The entry of what are best described as fanatics, people on a mission to change the UK not for the better, but according to their doctins has led to demands for expenses and support. You might call them 'career politicians' who are out to get what they can and don't see any reason why they should not have it.

There is only one place to put the blame for this, squarely with the Labour government. For 12 years Labour has presided over the system, it has not been the Speaker alone who has done the damage, all he has done is act as the chairman of the commons.

The government has had the majority in parliament and has not only allowed the system to degenerate but has encouraged it. Labour has sliced away at the House of Lords, making it into the prime minister's fiefdom by appointing rather than electing members.

Whether Labour likes to be reminded or not, they are the problem because Labour has moulded the expenses system, tried to cover it up but finally been caught. The public mood is now for change, and it needs to be wholesale change, minor changes to the expenses rules will not do.

We need a fully-elected House of Lords, less MPs and ways for the people to choose their MP easily and get rid of their MP. We now have ways for the population to make their views known very easily, government needs to respond to what the people want, now!

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