MPs expenses scandal just gets worse
Tuesday, 12 May 2009 08:27

It gets worse by the day; but yesterday the Speaker of the House of Commons showed his true colours and not for the first time demonstrated that it's time he was replaced.

It's only recently that we had the police arrest of Damian Green after they were allowed in by the speaker's office, MPs should have sacked him them, instead they fudged the issue.

Not sacking the speaker is worse than all that has been revealed so far, and on top of it all our MPs collectively have not got the 'moral fibre' to sort out the mess. They could start by getting rid of the man who has done more than most to prevent the public from finding out what has been going on.

Talk of persuading the speaker to step down at the next election is just not good enough.

It's time for a black sack to clear his desk, MPs can start to regain a bit of public trust back by acting decisevely and quickly to put someone else into this role.

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