Joanna Lumney is wrong to trust Gordon Brown to 'do the right thing'
Thursday, 07 May 2009 06:58

Joanna Lumney has fought for and won a massive victory for the gurkhas, but it will slip away and be lost in the fog of politics.

It's already out of the public eye and will be sidelined even more as other more pressing business occupies headline writers and the political establishment. This labour government has a reputation for spin and dodgey deals done in pubs and smoke-filled rooms. Nothing is about to change - it's like the fox in the fable, it can't change, that's its nature.

If you need evidence that you are dealing with bad government look at its response to the European Court ruling on the keeping of DNA profiles of innocent people and people who were not even brought to trial. The government, led by Jacqui Smith, has looked at the ruling that said the situation was wrong and unacceptable, then done what they think is the very minimum that they can get away with to change the rules. Doing that they hope that they can satisfy the court and the public.

Take that same principle and apply it to the commons defeat over gurkhas and you will find that dear Gordon says he will 'do the right thing' but when it comes to it, he will do the very minimum that he thinks he can get away with. It will take time and by then gurkhas and Ms Lumley will have faded from the public consciousness, being replaced by another scandal.

If Gordon Brown could be trusted to do 'the right thing' he would have resigned long ago and the UK would not be in the current mess.

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