Gordon Brown - time to go before you are pushed
Monday, 27 April 2009 21:33

U turn becomes a fiasco as Brown's plan for a vote on MP's expenses is dropped.

It's obvious that Gordon Brown's authority is gone, not only in the country but also in parliament. He can't even get his own supporters to a vote and when he asked the Committee on Standards in Public Life to report on MP's expenses by the summer he got short shrift - a letter telling him that these things take time and when the committee was finished they would let him know.

Basically it looks like the committee told Dear Gordon that he could stick his proposals where the monkey stuck the nuts.

What we see is government by You Tube; why the prime minister stuck his neck out and made a video that went onto You Tube without testing his support and getting agreement with the leaders of the other two parties shows crass stupidity even if you are charitable.

You can be sure that there will be more than a printer being pushed off a desk as someone in Downing Street has another temper tantrum over this latest failure to get his own way. One can imagine the rolling on the floor and shouting and screaming.

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