Abuse of Surveillance Cameras by Local Authorities
Monday, 23 June 2008 07:45

Widespread Abuse of Powers by Local Authorities Spying on the Population

New laws introduced by the Labour government allow local authorities to access phone and e-mail records and use surveillance to detect or stop a criminal offence.

That means just the suspicion of an offence is enough for some petty official in the council to pour over your telephone records - who you called and when, your text messages, your emails and web browsing history. They can set up hidden surveillance and watch everything you do. You might think this is not possible, but you are wrong. Here are some real examples, and keep in mind that the people who are spied on have no knowledge that it's happening and nothing can be done to stop it. Even if you find that you are the target there is nothing you can do to stop it because you are a suspect. Suspicion is all that's needed.

Suspicion - all that means is that someone in the council can simply say they suspect something and the full powers can be used.

Even if you can prove you have done nothing wrong you will not get any compensation.

Poole Council puts parents and children under surveillance

A couple in Poole, and their children were watched by Poole Borough Council for more than two weeks without their knowledge because the council thought their application for a school place was fraudulent.

Dogs walkers spied on

Local councils have sent out dummy dog walkers and spied on people with dogs looking for those who don't clean up after their dogs.

Barcodes on our heads

Your eyes are unique. Gordon Brown and NuLabour are rushing in ID cards and new passports that mean your fingerprints and iris scans will be on a giant government database. At the same time technology is being developed to recognise faces in crowds from surveillance cameras. It is only a matter of time before CCTV cameras can record not only your photograph, but your name and address just by looking at your eyes.



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