Thinking is now a crime
Monday, 13 April 2009 09:38

'Thought crime' was first defined by George Orwell in his classic novel 1984 where a totalitarian government pervaded every aspect of people's lives, watching the population 24 hours a day with telescreens and employing millions of informers and thought police.

People walked about with a special expression of contentment on their faces lest they should be suspected of thinking criminal thoughts.

So what!

The latest series of police arrests, over 100 arrested because they just might have been thinking of protesting clearly demonstrates that the UK government has now slid into oppression mode. They do not trust anyone, like Orwell's watchers, there is another level of watchers who watch the watchers. Nothing is too insignificant for the government not to watch, record and criminalise.

Your emails, telephone calls and internet browsing are collected and presented to the government, your every movement is recorded by CCTV cameras. Your car journeys are recorded by roadside cameras that read your registration number and the details are collected into huge government databases.

All the time the government tells you it's for your protection and you have nothing to fear. That is not true. You have everything to fear, when the door is broken down in the early hours of the morning and you are hauled away there will be no-one to help or prevent it.

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