'Child poverty' the real answer
Wednesday, 18 February 2009 08:55

Gordon Brown and colleagues are wrong about many things, but so called 'child poverty' is a striking example that shines out. Child tax credits, special allowances, extra money for other things are not the answer.

Unfortunately Gordon and the rest of the socialists don't want to hear the answer which is very simple.

Children and their nurture are the responsibility of the parents who brought these children into the world. Until politicians accept that simple fact there will be a bottomless pit into which money will be wheelbarrowed.

The state has no responsibility to pay the upkeep of children. If people want children then they must wait until they can afford them, and if they can't afford the costs then the answer is simple, don't produce children. Modern contraception is effective and free, so there are no excuses.

Regretable as it is the very people who should not be breeding are breeding like rabbits, milking the rest of us. No shortage of the latest technical gizmos, mobile phones, designer clothes, plasma TV for them. The tax system rewards them handsomely for producing brats.

Looking to the future where are these feral children going to work and who is going to employ them? The truth is that no-one really wants them now or in the future, so let's get some common sense into the system now, before our tiny island sinks under the weight of useless mouthes.

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