Charities should not get public money
Wednesday, 11 February 2009 09:12

The very idea that government should be using taxpayers money to prop up charities is totally wrong.

The idea of charity is that you give them something if you want to, it is a personal decision.

Government should not be taking taxpayers' money and handing it out to charities, that money was extracted from the public against their will and was not meant as a give away.

My experience of charities is that they are businesses, interested in taking money and little else.

Recently one of my elderly relations because ill and was unable to manage his financial affairs. When I looked over the bank statement I found 17, yes seventeen direct debits being taken by charities. The amounts ranged from around £3 a month to a whopping £17 a month. When I asked my relative he said he knew nothing about them. The total going over of his account was over £70 a month.

With his consent and authority all the charity direct debits were cancelled.

To my amazement half of them were taking money within a month. They had phoned up and written letters applying what can only be described as hideous moral blackmail and asked verbal permission to re-instate the direct debits.

It took letters and a great deal of persistence to stop this.

I can only describe this as charities preying on the most vulnerable members of society without any conscience. I have no doubt that the fund raising has been contracted out to other organisations who are paid by results.

This is disgraceful.

Charities should get their houses in order and should not be receiving one penny of government money.

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