Gordon Brown and the cuckoos
Sunday, 22 June 2008 16:46

"The prime minister wants oil producers to invest in a £100bn drive towards long-term energy projects in Britain, such as wind farms and nuclear power." a quote from the BBC.

This man is an idiot in the same league as George Bush if he expects them to do anything. Let's face it, if they do nothing they will continue to make loads o' money, so why should they spent a penny to help us and push the price down. Come on Gordon, get real! You are a laughing stock talking to the cuckoos in cloud cuckoo land.

When Tony Blair was faced with fuel price protests and a petition demanding a reduction in fuel prices what did he do? Did he listen to the people and reduce prices? No, he pooh poohed the idea and told the British people that there would be no reductions. They had better get used to it and keep paying up. Now the boot is on the other foot and Gordon doesn't like it - none of us like it. But Gordon Brown has taxed and taxed, borrowed in the good times and spent so now when the bad times arrive there is nothing in the bank.

Don't not understand the laws of supply and demand, with 40% of the world supply of oil going to China and India and their demands increasing daily what do you expect? As a country we are buying the cheap stuff from China and India fueling their economies whilst allowing every Tom, Dick and Harry and their families into our country. Can you not see what is happening?

Gordon Brown and Labour is to blame, after 11 years in power there is no-one else to blame.

Anyone who thinks Alistair Darling is setting tax rates etc is fooling themselves too, you can bet that Gordon is still firmly in control and telling Alistair exactly what to say and do.

We have a dour Scotsman as Prime Minister who is inflicting nothing but misery on us and it's time he quit and gave us a general election.


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