Why Britons are 'so bloody miserable'
Saturday, 21 June 2008 17:18

Tom Harris MP (Glasgow South) asked why everyone is 'so bloody miserable'

Here are a few suggestions for him . . .

We have a government that

  • is incompetent
  • thieving
  • lying
  • deceitful
  • does not listen to the people and does not care what they think
  • spies on the population from dawn to dust and while they work, rest and play

We are taxed, taxed on the taxes (VAT on fuel duty) and more tax

  • taxed on income
  • taxed on everything we spend
  • taxed on travel
  • taxed on inheritance
  • taxed on property
  • taxed on gas
  • taxed on electricity
  • taxed on insurance

If you are white, heterosexual and male . . .

  • the government treats you with contempt
  • multiculturalism is forced on you
  • you have no rights - everyone from a 'visible or ethnic' minority will be listened to before you
  • if you complain you will be branded a racist, homophobic or troublemaker

Tom Harris - try living on the real world for a while instead of the corridors of power and you'll soon be sporting the miserable face that the rest of us carry around with good reason

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