Inflation Still 3% and More Jokes for 5-Year Olds
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 08:43

Inflation Still 3% and More Jokes for 5-Year Olds

It's silly season again, with the government about to announce that inflation is around 3%.

Does anyone still believe these figures? The way they are worked out has been fixed be removing anything that is likely to push them up so that they are now worthless.

A far better measure is how we all feel, and at the moment that's pretty bad. Fuel prices are soaring - meanwhile the government rubs its hands with glee because the increase in the oil price just drags in more and more taxes. Motorists are due for another whammy as car tax rates are hiked yet again, and especially the bigger older cars. 

So who should we blame - in our culture we always have to blame someone. NuLabour is the culprit, no doubt about that. In the good years they have spent and spent, sold the UK gold reserves at bargain basement prices and now when the hard times come there is nothing in the bank for a rainy day.

Labour have told us over and over again that they delivered economic prosperity when in fact it was the strong economy that they inherited and world conditions, now the hard times are here they don't want to admit that they caused the problem and don't have a clue what to do.

So later today we will hear that inflation is still under control - don't worry, trust big brother and everything will be alright.

More jokes for 5-year olds from the government. 

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