EU Declares 'Open Season' on Irish

Following the rejection of the Treaty of Lisbon by the people of Ireland it looks like that other EU leaders are behaving like a hungry pack of wolves that smells blood.

Instead of asking why the only nation to have a referendum has rejected the treaty the pack is circling in bellicose mood, led by the Germans and French with Gordon Brown and the Brits in tow. Bullying the Irish will have little effect because the Irish Taoiseach has his hands tied, there can be no change to the Irish Constitution without the approval of the people - and they say NO.

What part of NO do these other countries not understand? 

Irish  politicians need to keep their cool and do just what they have been doing, tell the rest of the world that this is the sovereign decision of the Irish People and as such it has to be respected.

Anything else would be bullying and history has shown that the Irish will not take any of that - ask the British about it!

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