Irish Rejection of Libon Treaty - the Real significance
Monday, 16 June 2008 08:56

Why Irish Rejection of the Lisbon Treaty is Important for Democracy

 By rejecting the Treaty of Lisbon so emphatically the people of Ireland have done a huge service to the whole of Europe.

Yes, there will be much hand wringing in the corridors of power and talk about how to proceed, but the fact is that Lisbon is dead in the water and our elected representatives are going to have to get used to that idea.

Politicians don't like voters or elections, but they are a necessary evil if politicians are going to get into power and lord it over the people. Most democracies are in fact dictatorships. Take the UK for instance. Politicians will take about accountability but in reality there is none. With a UK Parliament lasting up to 5 years and there being no limit on the power of a duly-elected government the people are powerless once the election is over.

Let's look at this another way . . .

A man is expectantly waiting for his sexy young wife to join him in bed, on the way she accidentally hits her toe on a chair. He is charming, gently rubs the toe kisses it better. After he has had his wicked way she gets up for a drink and again catches her toe. This time he shouts ' are you trying to break the furniture? '.

You guessed it, the man is our politician and the woman is the electorate.

Irish rejection of the treaty is so important because the people have spoken and told the politicians to listen. You can bet that the other 26 governments are so glad that they didn't have to ask their electors. So what should we be doing? Answer: Telling our governments to listen and taking action to make sure that they do.


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