Politics and the police
Friday, 19 December 2008 08:47

Jacqui Smith has dropped plans for the public to have a say in policing because of opposition from the police. She claims that she does not want the police to become 'politicised'.

The real situation is that the police are already a highly political force that is unaccountable for their political actions.

Take the case of Colin Stagg who was wrongly accused of killing Rachel Nickell and who eventually received proper compensation.

The police were totally fixated on Mr Stagg who was innocent, but they had decided he was guilty and put all their efforts into finding evidence. Those who have read The Davinci Code or see the movie will immediately recognise the stereotype plod.

Part of the problem comes because police are always ready to titilate the public with detail about ongoing investigations. Police are also ready to stand outside courts following a trial and make further revelations about the grusome details of a crime.

This situation is totally unacceptable and thanks to Smith it's not going to change.

The police have been shown to be totally incompetent and now, they are not even going to have an enquiry into what they did wrong.

The public can have no faith in the police or Jacqui Smith and this labour government.

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