What the real people think about David Davis
Friday, 13 June 2008 12:38

 We are hearing a lot of drivel spouted - Gordon Brown being a good example, he being the prime target of Davis's action you can't expect anything but derision.

What do the ordinary people think?

 The BCC has its own monitor of public opinion, their 'Have Your Say' section at bbc.co.uk

Here viewers of the website can post their reactions to events and then vote for the views by recommending them, it's an open system that allows the ordinary people to express their views - something that is denied to them by the Prime Minister's website.

24 hours after Davis's resignation what are people voting for?

736 people voted for this . . .

(I have never voted Tory so this is unbiased opinion.)
Mr Davies shows a high-minded, principled, self-sacrificing attitude in complete contrast to the grubby self-serving MP’s who voted yesterday to save their own skins at the price of our historic laws.'

 726 people voted for this . . .

It's come to something when it takes the lone bravery of a Tory MP and the house of Lords to protect civil liberties in this country. The sight of Gordon Brown flogging the ancient rights of British citizens in return for votes in the commons is one of the most disgraceful spectacles I have ever seen.

Well done David Davies.


 It's clear - the people of this country are overwhelmingly behind David Davis, he should have the support of every one of us.

Giving Brown what he wants is swallowing government propaganda.

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