David Davis - man of principle, an example to us all
Thursday, 12 June 2008 22:19

David Davis - man of principle stands two feet above all other MPs and politicians

Integrity is out of fashion, especially with NuLabour.

It is fantastic to see a politician standing up for what he believes and really doing something about it.

NuLabour has chipped away at the fundamental freedoms of UK citizens from the moment they came to power. Labour IS the party of the left, the party of control, the party that thinks it knows how things should be and is hell bent on changing society. If you need examples here they are . . .

  • It will soon be possible to lock you away for 6 weeks without even charging you. Remember that an 82 year old heckler at the Labour Party Conference was arrested under terrorist legislation. That's what the police and politicians did to an old man. Any assurances given by Gordon Brown or Jacqui Smith are worthless.
  • You will be photographed over 300 times every day by CCTV cameras that record your every move.
  • Your text messages are recorded and made available
  • Telephone numbers that you call are recorded and available
  • Your internet browsing habits are recorded
  • If you buy a gold coin your name and address is recorded
  • If you buy a few gold coins your name and address is reported directly to government
  • Your car journeys are recorded by cameras that read your number plate
  • Unreasonable restrictions are put on you when you travel by air
  • Look at the way the police are dressed - it's intimidating and frightening just to look at them
  • You will soon have to be fingerprinted and iris scanned to get or renew your passport
  • Your DNA profile is likely to be on a government databas

Labour is not interested in anything but control. 11 years of labour has taken away our freedom, I thought I was the only person in the country who could see it, until David Davis spoke out. He is speaking out for all of us - and we should all be ashamed if we don't do something to support him.

So what can we do . . .

  • Send him some money to help pay his expenses
  • Write to our MP telling them that we support the stand taken by David Davis
  • Write and tell your MP that too many fundamental freedoms have been taken away and that you want them back
  • Vote NuLabour out at any possible opportunity - you have a vote, US IT!

Don't say things like I never bother.

Remember - all that is needed for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing.


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