Governments cannot be trusted with information
Wednesday, 11 June 2008 22:46

'Top secret documents left on train'

After losing half the nations records a few months ago, then more private data you would think Grodon Clown and Jacqui Smith would have at least shut the stable door. Oh no, this lot are so stupid they can't even do that.

Incompetent and not fit to shovel sh*t from one ship to another all of them.

Yet these are the same people who say that we must all give them our fingerprints and iris scans together with all our personal data so that they can protect us by forcing us to carry id cards.

Listen carefully over the next few days for the same old drivel . . .

  • Lessons have been learned
  • The proper safeguards have been put in place
  • We will ensure that this can never happen again
  • This was a junior employee who did not know the proper procedures

The BBC reports that . . .

'One Whitehall source sought to play down the impact of the breach: "The embarrassment of the loss is greater than the embarrassment of the contents of the documents.

"We don't believe there is a threat to any individuals in what was in these documents if they had got into the wrong hands."

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "We are making inquiries in connection with the loss of documents on June 10."

If you read that you might think the departmental coffee rota had been stolen instead of Top Secret documents !


If you believe any of those you are being taken for a mug.

NuLabour are just a bad joke and the time has come for them to go.

To recap do you remember these serious failings of this government . . .

November '07: Computer discs of child benefit records for 25 million people lost

December '07: Driving records of 3million people lost

January '08: Information about 600,000 would-be naval recruits lost


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