Reaction to the crisis budget - hands in pockets!
Tuesday, 25 November 2008 08:17

Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown's crisis budget is designed to get us out spending, so should we go out and splurge our cash or hit the credit card?

You can only spend it once, and if it goes on the plastic we'll be paying for it for months or years. Don't we all know that feeling of wishing that we had not bought that expensive present, hi fi, computer, clothes that we're still paying for months later.

Those credit card payments don't seem to get any less and there is the weekly shopping to do but if we don't pay the card then they will pile on more interest.

Keep your hands firmly in your pockets is the best advice. 2.5% off VAT is nothing when you look at big ticket items, and on smaller purchases you will not notice it. Take a large screen TV as a good example, something costing £235 is going to come down by just £5 to £230. Is that really worth saddling yourself with another £230 of debt? You can be confident that if you wait until after Christmas there will even better offers on the high street and internet as retailers try to get us to spend, so the best advice is wait.

Where we really would have felt some benefit is at the petrol (or diesel) pump when we filled up our cars. However, Alastair and Gordon hate motorists with a passion, so as a special treat they have decided to raise fuel duty yet again. Same for alcohol and tobacco more tax.

Can we really be surprised when we have a son of the manse in control? Enjoyment, whether it's a ride in the country or a glass of wine or beer is not to be encouraged. Let's not forget that NuLabour and especially GB and AD are the New Puritans, ready to take away any pleasure.

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