Alastair Darling, Chancellor or the Exchequer or Gofer?
Sunday, 23 November 2008 14:40

With economic meltdown the most likely prospect, Darling is about to deliver his pre-budget statement. But whose statement will it be, his or Gordon Brown's?

Who is really running the show at the Treasury, Darling or Brown?

Are we going to get Darling's statement or Brown's?
Whichever it is the markets will deliver their judgement in pretty quick order, by the close of the markets on Monday we will be seeing an initial reaction.

This will be closely followed by the verdict of international investors who have the benefit of looking at the UK from the outside, seeing it warts and all.

We on the other hand see it from a UK perspective, and through the eyes and ears of the UK media who often seem strangely pro-Brown.

It doesn't seem to matter what he says or does, there appears to be support from the BBC.


In some quarters there is a feeling that the BBC is full of lefty-lovies, and when you hear some of the messages that our publicly-funded broadcaster is coming out you do have to wonder if that's true. Although there is no apparent censorship of the media one often wonders if the opposition parties are making the right noises but we are not getting to hear them. That's hard to judge in today's internet blogging world, after all you would not be reading this if there were total censorship - or would you?

How would the author know whether or not a sophisticated mechanism was in there to filter out all this anti-government speak?


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